How stories by tamaris was born

Human connection has been a subject of fascination for me for as long as I can recall – the poetry of holding hands, healing power of an honest hug, wrinkles appearing around one´s eyes and a soft smile forming.

A decade ago, for my eighteenth birthday I got an old canon from my dad. He had caught me stealing his digital camera many times before - going around documenting moments and people.

Having my very own camera I felt like holding a powerful instrument in my hand that allowed me to authentically convey the depths of emotion I was seeing in others, that words often proved inadequate to express.

From the very beginning - one thing was prominent: I liked to sit in some corner, not wanting anyone to notice I was photographing them.

I was waiting for these moments between seconds in an interaction, because people tend to "pose" when they are aware someone is taking a photograph of them, and I somehow always thought that it changed the very essence of them.

The beauty of being in the moment is that it translates directly into a genuine representation of the object photographed.

If I had to label my approach, I would describe it as a documentary, authentic & intimate storytelling.


the art of noticing.

Being very attuned to the energy that surrounds me, I have cultivated a keen awareness of the subtle changes and shifts occurring in my environment. This ability has not only afforded me the privilege of noticing these moments, but also predicting outcomes that often go unregistered by the majority.

A hidden glance, a gentle touch, those fleeting glimpses of eternity is what I strive to document on your day. Real, heartfelt moments, full of emotion cannot be orchestrated. They just happen when you are surrounded by people you love.

your story, true to your nature.

I believe that your love tells the stories - I am just here to romanticise them through my lens — preserving them for eternity.

The feel of the photos you receive will truly reflect the mood and atmosphere of your special day.

Whether your celebration is filled with joy and excitement or exudes a calm, intimate, and peaceful ambiance, the photos will encompass your vibe. I make sure to capture the essence of all these tiny moments and translate them into timeless visuals.

  • We might be a good fit:

If you value relationships in your lives.

On your wedding day, my inspiration stems from the genuine love and connection shared between you and your guests.

My priority lies in capturing authentic moments and if you are just looking for a wedding photographer to follow the timeline, then we might not be right for each other.

I aim to artistically document the story of your special day and the profound relationships present in your life, from my unique perspective.

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